Things that make us think

The Stacks of KEXP

The stacks of records at Seattle radio station KEXP are inspiring. So much music and so many designs on the lager format packaging. Each vinyl like a time machine back to listening to music as a kid and dissecting every element of the packaging....

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Black Magic Woman

Street art and murals of all kinds surprise as you round a corner. The art is not always with paint as the medium, like this one that chips away at your disbelief....

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Dare to Change the World

Challenging and undeniable the Sex Pistols spit in the face of the establishment and were keen to take on all comers. Here's  their passport photos for their 1975 U.S. Tour set the tone....

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Expedition Exploration

Planning for play, the love for the outdoors (and a beer) can take you everywhere. Pictured is a planning session for the Wonderland trail, circumnavigating Mount Rainier....

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